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Numerlogy uses the calculations of your birthday (full month, day, and year) and it also uses your name. Each letter of your name has a number that it represents and with the calculation of your name and birthdate you can find out many things about your desitny and your path. Thepossibilites are endless and here are some of the things you can find out:

Life Path/Destiny ,Personal Day/Month/Year ,Triple Cycles
Expression, Soul's Urge, Day of Birth Analysis, Cycles, Challenges, Pinnacles, Planet Symbolism, Health Symbolism, Karmic Debts and Karmic Lessons, Master Numbers, Life Patterns, Compatibilities, and so much more!


Astrology represents the signs and the symbols of the basic cosmic energy that we all were born with. The signs of the zodiac all have an individual strong specific force. For hundreds of thousands of years astrology and it's cosmic science has not only paved the way to worldly predictions, but has also served as a blueprint in understanding personality traits, health, journeys and paths , physical make-up of our bodies and what the planets represent according to our personal birth/natal charts..


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