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REI – Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Growth
KI – Energy Healing (Mind and Body Health)

Reiki (pronounced Ray –Key) is rooted in Japan, but has been practiced worldwide for centuries. Reiki is a healing art that uses hands either on the body or in the energy field. Often times it is assumed that the Reiki Master/Practitioner is healing with his or her own energy, but Reiki is spirit-guided energy that works through the practitioner to do the healing. I AM is the healer.

Reiki balances and works on the four levels of our existence:

Physical: the body and the manifested pain | Emotional: what you are feeling
Mental: what you are allowing yourself to think | Spiritual: your capacity to love yourself and others

Reiki works on the cause rather than the effect of the Dis-Ease. Reiki also treats the Dis-Ease rather than the symptoms. It will often times accelerate healing, which may cause some initial discomfort because you can heal at a faster rate. Reiki also works with relieving stress and various forms of anxiety. Reiki can be done either face to face or distant. Distant Reiki is known to be just as effective as face to face Reiki.