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Gwen Hall - Destin, FL

I just wanted to thank you for the Reiki session. I felt very safe and secure in the session knowing that it was conducted in love. I felt the heat in your hands at first touch. During the session my breath became more relaxed and full. I felt tiny surges of energy in my low back legs and feet. We talked about some clogged energy in my feet and excess energy in my legs following the session. You explained how that area represents the root chakra and is connected to security. You told me that you sensed that I know in my head that I will always have enough of everything but that I need, but have not fully embraced it as a “knowing”. The message you received was very accurate and something I work with each day. I knew the session was a powerful healing time because it was so true for me. I am struggling with a decision to move forward to greater profitability on my own and give up the security of working for someone else. That process has manifested itself in energy issues in my feet and legs and causes me daily pain. I have also had pain and weakness in my sacroiliac, the place where we manifest our dreams.

Through the rest of the day following our session I felt energy surges in my solar plexus which I know represents my personal power. I also felt a buzzing of energy in my sacroiliac, the place where we manifest our dreams. I will continue working on my faith in having everything I need. I felt adjustments in my legs, feet and sacroiliac and the pain is lessening. I believe the session will help me fully implement my dream of being fully self-employed in the creative endeavors we have begun. To pursue it with absolute faith resulting for a culmination knowing I have full access of my personal power to pursue my dreams and that I will always have enough of what I need. I look forward to receiving the full report. It is comforting to know that I can come to you with any questions I may have. It may be a while before I see you again so we may just have to schedule a long distance session soon.

Love & Light
Gwen D’Vyne